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RFS has found that there are certain salient points upon which client and consultant must agree up front.  Client engagements are often complex. In many cases, RFS becomes the bearer of bad news as it delves into current and projected operations.  In certain turnaround situations, things become worse before they become better.  In some cases, the cure takes some time to work while the symptoms persist or even get worse.  These situations demand open discussion and focused efforts.

A single point of contact creates an efficient working relationship.  The contact should have the authority to make project decisions on a day-to-day basis.  The quality of this contact is one of the most important considerations in maintaining project budgets and schedules.

RFS understands the necessity to contain costs.  Therefore, it tries to minimize out-of-pocket and travel expenses, and keep formal plans, reports, and studies to a minimum.  Relative to reports, RFS has adopted an abbreviated outline report that generally serves the needs of clients.  However, the firm has the capability to prepare formal (for distribution) documentation for clients, as deemed necessary.  (All finished documentation is provided to the client and RFS assures confidentiality of all project documentation.)

An engagement can be terminated by either party.  However, full return on investment is not normally realized without project completion.  Unfinished project documentation is not turned over to the client.  RFS has concluded that such work might be interpreted as a finished product and judged substandard by anyone unaware of the true circumstances.

Finally, full project benefits are gained only when the entire project is completed.  In most cases, RFS' work produces benefits over a period of years.  Even though short-term gains may be noted fairly soon, the most substantial gains are achieved over a much longer horizon.  Thus, all necessary resources should be available to support the project over its lifetime.

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