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Multidisciplined Hands-on Business Advisers and Troubleshooters
A group of multidisciplined business advisers and strategists
Hands-on troubleshooters, turnaround specialists, and merger and acquisition experts.

R.F. Smith & Company (RFS) focuses on corporate strategic operations audits and plans, turnaround situations, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), accomplished by:  multidisciplined hands-on business strategists, troubleshooters, turnaround specialists, and M&A experts (see www.rfsmithco.com).  Additionally, RFS has developed a number of copyrighted proprietary econometric models that accomplish financial data mining, valuation ranges, and predict the following year's problem areas.  The firm's overarching goal is to produce extraordinary return on investment (ROI) through long-term relationships with exceptional clients around the world from its headquarters near Washington, D.C. and satellite offices in New York City and Panama City, Panama.  The company does no marketing, accepts clients on a referral basis only, and has successfully conducted hundreds of high-growth business support situations, turnarounds, and M&A closings.  The firm has been increasing its clients' productivity and bottom lines since 1988. 

The professional staff is committed to a new level of performance and dedicated to succeeding in extraordinary business situations.  RFS' professionals cross most industries, encompass all business disciplines, and are recognized nationally and internationally with notable accreditations, hands-on experience, and education.  Most hold at least Master-level, CPA, or equivalent credentials.  In addition, each professional has 18 or more years of actual operations experience.

Helping your business grow.

Day-to-day operations consume valuable time and resources, preventing the rigorous attention needed to achieve a new, higher level of performance.  Many executives are often unable to concentrate on challenges critical to their firm's success, or are unable to move quickly to embrace major new opportunities.

The mission of RFS is to provide clients with singular focus and proven expertise in producing project and bottom-line success.   The firm's professionals function as extensions of client staff, or simply as an outsourced service, to assist executives committed to improving performance, embracing new opportunities, or responding to unusual challenges.   RFS not only advises, but also implements its advice by performing all necessary work in tandem with the client.

The firm provides value-added services to focus on critical issues and assist in analysis, planning, implementation, and execution, thereby freeing client staff to concentrate on day-to-day operations.   RFS' primary goal is results, not simply advice.  The firm follows through to ensure that clients reap real and substantial returns on their investment in the engagement.  RFS bases its reputation on three principles experience, integrity, and confidentiality.

Advisors and Specialists.

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